Solo Exhibition | Lee Dulgar Gallery

Barbara Hashimoto

Moving towards the culmination of The Junk Mail Experiment, this exhibition explores the creative practice involved in building a multi-year project and relates how an artist’s ideas can be realized through research, process, and the exploration of materials.  FĪNĀLIS COMING includes new work in installation, sculpture, works on paper, and photography.


ON BECOMING TIGHTLY BOUND link to statement and additional images>

Hashimoto uses the photographic medium to further her ideas on performance and process. On Becoming Tightly Bound follows the transformation of a handful of shredded architectural plans that have been treated with encaustic and acrylic paints and further subjected to manipulation and other media. more>

Barbara Hashimoto



JUNK MAIL ASHES link to statement and additional images>

In December 2012, Hashimoto participated in the closing exhibition, 24HRS/25DAYS, at New Capital Projects, Chicago. She created an installation utilizing almost half of the 3,000 cubic-feet of shredded junk mail which was amassed during the initial year of The Junk Mail Experiment. The shreds were burned in a manner reminiscent of the Dondoyaki Ritual Burnings the artist experienced during her seven-year tenure in Japan.  more>



WORKS ON PAPER link to statement and additional images>

The four works on paper in the FĪNĀLIS COMING exhibition were made from materials and detritus remaining after the making of On Becoming Tightly Bound. more>

Barbara Hashimoto



RED BALLS WITH BRONZE link to statement and additional images>

Credit card solicitations are one of the leading perpetrators of junk mail.  According to a report issued by, 500 million credit card solicitations are mailed each month in the United States with a target response rate of 0.25%.  more>



ON BECOMING PLAYFUL: link to statement and additional images>

On Becoming Playful, reflects on cyclic processes and transformation, and is a lighthearted response to the spontaneous interaction between exhibition goers and the large-scale shredded junk mail installations that Hashimoto has built over the past seven years. more>

Barbara Hashimoto



FĪNĀLIS COMING is being held at the Lee Dulgar Gallery, South Suburban College, August 19 - September 18, 2013.
15800 South State Street, South Holland, IL
Reception and Artist Talk | September 11, 12:30 – 2:30
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm
By appointment: Eric Tucker (708.596.2000 x2300)


photo credit: Kevin G. Malella