SCULPTURE | october 2006 | vol. 24 no. 8
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

Barbara Hashimoto

"Scrapped Shakespeare", 2005 | 17 x 18.5 inches (framed) ceramic, book, encaustic
photo credit: E.K. Waller

Best Known for ceramic pieces in which she fires clay with books and then reworks the results with drawing, painting, and collage, Hashimoto employs sculpture, installation, and performance. Her process destroys and yet enhances the original purpose of the book, addressing concerns of censorship, neo-narrative, and the objectification of knowledge.

"Returning to Tabulae Rasae II", 2005 | 28 x 30.5 inches (framed) ceramic, book
photo credit: E.K. Waller

While materiality and tactile appeal is essential, Hashimoto’s projects are also conceptually driven: identity, sexuality, and power all come into play. The first part of this 15-year retrospective focuses on the development and influences of the book works and includes early pieces never seen before in the U.S. The second installation focuses on new ceramic, mixed media, and performance works inspired by the writings of John Locke.