SCULPTURE MAGAZINE | november 2008


Barbara Hashimoto, White Trash

photo: Shelley Anderson

Every year 77 billion Americans receive about 77 billion pieces of junk mail -- that's 100 million trees; approximately 44 percent goes unopened and proceeds directly to the landfill. Disgusted by such statistics, Hashimoto spent a year collecting and hand-shredding the junk mail that came to her studio (3,000 cubic feet worth), transforming it into a series of sculptures,installations, performances, and collaborations. During its run, this show presents a variety of different works and events, including Junk Mail Interiors, Junk Mail Stories, the rather apocalyptic Junk Mail Landscapes, Red Sea of Credit, and Junk Mail Xmas. The exhibition space is open every Saturday and by appointment, but the installations are always visible through the storefront windows.

2003 South Halsted