JUNE 2007

Barbara Hashimoto, as Artist-in-Residence, asks the 16-person staff at the BauerLatoza Studio to set aside the junk mail that they receive at the office starting on June 1, 2007. She incorporates the daily hand shredding of this material into her studio practice. In one month she has a pile reminiscent of a Monet haystack. In three months it engulfs the concert grand piano in her studio. The pile continues to grow. She begins work on a multi-media installation and performance piece. Inspired by her intimate handling of the shredded paper, a fondness of this material develops; she begins work on shredded junk mail weavings.


"The Junk Mail Experiment" opens in Chicago at BauerLatoza Studio with Hashimoto's performance/installation, "Shredded Junk Mail with Grand Piano" in collaboration with musician/architect, Edward Torrez. The exhibition is presented in association with The City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs' Chicago Artists Month.


"Barbara Hashimoto Gets All Trashy", review of the Chicago exhibition, appears on

Documentation from Hashimoto's Chicago exhibition (including a video by Eric Hoffhines, photography by Eric Young Smith, “20 Bars on Junk Mail” by 17-year-old Chicago rap artist Styles2Rich, and a limited edition catalogue) is presented at an exhibition at L.A.Contemporary, Los Angeles with Nancy Spiller. Hashimoto's weavings are exhibited for the first time.


The installation,"Two Walls of Junk Mail" is presented as part of Hashimoto's retrospective exhibition at Duhbe Carreno Gallery, Chicago (January - March 2008).

APRIL - MAY 2008

Review of the Los Angeles exhibition is published in Art in America.

In conjunction with Artropolis, Hashimoto is invited by The Chicago Arts District to present The Junk Mail Project in their main exhibition space at 2003 South Halsted Street (April 11-May 24, 2008). She collaborates with artist Michael Kozien (video and sound). At this exhibition Hashimoto shows her Junk Mail Weavings and documentation of The Project. She also premieres her related work, "White Trash."

In association with
The Seldoms dance company's performance, "Monument", at The Ruth Page Dance Center, Chicago, Hashimoto constructs a Junk Mail installation in the theater lobby during the run of the show (April 3-12, 2008) and presents a post-performance talk about The Junk Mail Project and her artist residency at BauerLatoza Studio.

JUNE 2008 - JANUARY 2009

Sponsored by The Chicago Arts District and Podmajersky, Inc. Hashimoto is invited to house her Junk Mail Experiment at the 2003 South Halsted complex until the end of January 2009. A schedule of exhibitions and performances are slated. She works with various environmental groups and hosts a rally at the exhibition for Forest Ethics's DO NOT MAIL CAMPAIGN.

The exhibition, JUNK MAIL EXPERIMENT: PARIS, is held in Paris at the Musée du Montparnasse, Espace Krajcber., Les Amis de la Terre- Paris (Friends of the
Earth - Paris) organizes school children to collect the junk mail that comes to their homes.The children work with Hashimoto to build an installation at the Museum. Hashimoto collaborates with Paris-based film maker Suzanne Körösi.

An exhibition is also held at Dubhe Carreno Gallery in Chicago (September 11 - November 7) with a live-feed video streaming between the two venues.